Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limited - History

Canadian sheep in the mountains of British Columbia - Photo courtesy of Aveley Ranch - Vavenby, BC

The Co-operative was established in 1918 by the sheep industry as a national system of collecting and marketing its members' wool on a co-operative basis. This meant that regardless of the size of the wool clip, the time of year received or distance from the market, each member was paid the same price for the same grade of wool. Being merely an instrument of the growers, the company operates quite simply. It collects, grades, measures, and markets the producer’s wool and after deducting the cost of operations returns the entire difference to the growers. 

The Co-operative grades and markets approximately 3 million pounds of raw wool each year from producers all across Canada. Each of the three general classes of wool (fine, medium, and coarse) are sold wherever the best price is available, China is a major buyer. Wool is received directly from the producer by way of truck or rail. It is then graded according to type classification, quality, and method of preparation. Wool of similar types and quality are hydraulically packed in bales weighing up to 1,200 pounds, then core sampled to obtain objective measurement test reports for marketing purposes.

The wool arrives in large sacks or square pouches, raw from the sheep. At the warehouse it is graded according to the fibre diameter (micron) and length of the fibres, yield, colour, and amount of foreign matter present in the wool. After grading, the wool is shipped out in compact bales. Ninety percent of all the wool is exported out of Canada. 

The company's mandate is to be a producer co-operative endeavouring to market wool at the top price it deserves while operating the business efficiently to maximize returns to the wool producer.

CPR plaque on display in the old roundhouse at CCWG Carleton Place Ontario

Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limited occupies what was once the round house and machine shops for the Canadian Pacific Railway. The company head office is located in Carleton Place, Ontario and is a totally Canadian company. 

When used by the CPR (1890 - 1939), as many as 200 men were employed in this building. It was a serious loss to the town when the whole operation was moved to Smiths Falls, Ontario in 1939. Still, Carleton Place is not easily discouraged, and in the fall of 1940, the "roundhouse" was once again open. No, the CPR did not return, the "wool growers" moved in. The General Manager, says the place was a mess ... tracks, turn table, wheels ... anything and everything needed for train repair could be found in the building. In 1940, at the beginning of World War II, scrap iron was much in demand and what might have been a liability was turned into an asset.

After a massive cleanup, Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limited was in business. On the direct line (CPR) from the West through to Montreal, Carleton Place was in an excellent position to handle wool from the West and ship it via Montreal, to England, Holland, and Germany, as well as all over Canada. During the war some of these ports were closed to Canadian business but were reopened at the close of hostilities.

CCWG head office in Carleton Place Ontario

When the Company opened in Carleton Place their main warehouses were in Weston, Ontario. Due to the changing wool industry, in 1967 these buildings were sold, and the entire wool grading operation was moved to Carleton Place. The administration offices in Toronto were retained until 1972, then they were also moved to Carleton Place. The administration offices are housed in the section of the building that was once the storage room and boiler room for the CPR. 

In addition to handling wool, the Co-operative operates CCWG Livestock Supply outlets across the country and a Real Wool Shop at Carleton Place. The Co-operative also publishes an annual magazine entitled The Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Magazine & Livestock Supplies Catalogue which is designed to assist the wool producer with information and a mail order catalogue for livestock supplies, equestrian products & clothing. Ecommerce is available for online purchases at &
In 1979, the CCWG decided to put the old CPR coal bins to use and in August of that year "The Real Wool Shop" was opened. It is difficult to imagine how anyone could wear wool if all you ever see is a "bag of fluff". The Co-op Warehouse shows the first stage - the Real Wool Shop shows the final one In 2006 the engine house of the CPR Round House was renovated and is now our Equestrian Centre for tack and western clothing. This room also contains a mini museum with numerous railway memorabilia on display.


An interest in wool means an interest in sheep.

Canadian sheep ready for grazing on the BC forestry cut block.
Photo courtesy of Chuck & Marg Emery, Clearwater, BC.


Baa, Baa Canada Sheep Have You Any Wool?

Yes Sir, Yes Sir more that three million pounds arriving annually from every part of Canada to be graded in Carleton Place, Ontario, national headquarters of the Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limited. Farmer owned, the co-op was set up in 1918 to sell Canada’s wool clip. It occupies a large stone structure over a century old, built by the railway in 1887 to repair locomotives. Traces remain of the building’s original purpose. 
Tours of the grading operation are often possible weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm. Phoning ahead is advised. Wool is graded twelve months of the year.
The Wool Growers, the Real Wool Shop and CCWG Livestock Supplies & Equestrian Centre share the same historical location and are well worth the trip. A short half hour drive from Ottawa, Canada’s capital.


Railroad memorabilia on display in the restored  Engine House of the CPR Roundhouse at Carleton Place.

CPR historical items at CCWG Carleton Place Ontario

CPR display - click on picture for more or come in to see for yourself

~ tours available year round for the whole building, just call us 613-257-2714 ~

360 virtual tour of the roundhouse at CCWG Carleton Place Ontario 

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CCWG Livestock Supplies & Equestrain Centre
before and after pictures of the renovations 2013/14

CCWG Livestock Supplies before renovations

CCWG Livestock Supplies & Equestrian Centre after the renovations

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