Montadale Sheep


Montadale Sheep breeders listing & info

The Montadale was developed by an American, E.H. Mattingly, between 1932-1945 using a cross between a Columbia ewe and Border Cheviot ram. They were imported to Canada in 1960 and again in 1990. Flocks in the U.S. range across the eastern and northern states.

They are a large, tall, white-faced meat sheep. The ewes are above average in prolificacy and produce spry lambs. The lambs are fast-gaining, heavy feeders that produce a high-yielding, lean carcass. They are suited to either pasture or confinement management. Most breeders maintain the purity of the breed, but Montadale ram will add vigour to both white and black face breeds and produce excellent first cross dam-line ewes.


Characteristics of Montadale Sheep

90 - 124 kg

Rams / Béliers

55 - 90 kg

Ewes / Brebis

180 %

Lamb/Ewe Percentage / Pourcentage d’agnelage

Dense, bright white

Fleece / Qualité de la toison  

4 - 5 kg

Weight / Poids

10 - 15 cm

Staple Length / Longueur de fibre


Micron Count / Micron


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