Tunis Sheep


Tunis Sheep Breeders listing & info

The Tunis sheep originated from Tunisia in North Africa and was imported into the US in 1799.

The breed was popular in the south until almost eliminated during the Civil War.

The Tunis is medium sized with a red or tan face and legs, pendulous ears, no wool on the head and legs, polled and a medium sized fat tail.

They are fairly prolific, good mothers / milkers and produce a medium wool fleece.


Characteristics of Tunis Sheep

175 - 225 lbs

Rams / Béliers

130 - 160 lbs

Ewes / Brebis

? %

Lamb/Ewe Percentage / Pourcentage d’agnelage


Fleece / Qualité de la toison  

8 - 12 lbs

Weight / Poids


Staple Length / Longueur de fibre

26 - 31

Micron Count / Micron

Tunis sheep breeders listing

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