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Photos and info courtesy of Rustaret Farm 

Wiltshire Horn Sheep, also referred to as Wiltshire Horned, are a medium-sized white sheep raised for meat. Both rams and ewes have horns. Breeders have also been developing lines of polled Wiltshires. Whether horned or polled, Wiltshires grow a heavy coat of coarse wool for the winter, which they shed in spring. They do not need to be sheared. Wiltshires typically produce twins by their second year, and subsequently, without needing grain for flushing or during lactation. They are sturdy and agile and make good use of rough pasture. As well, they need minimal treatment for parasites. Their long frame is well-muscled and the meat tends to be lean.
Beginning in 1951, Wiltshire Horn sheep were exported from the UK to Australia and New Zealand, and from there to the USA beginning in the 1990s. Flocks in Canada today derive from sheep imported from the USA. The breed is on the “watch” list of the Livestock Conservancy in the United States (https://livestockconservancy.org) which provides the only North American registration for Wiltshire Horn sheep.  

Wiltshire Horn Sheep breeders listing

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